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Epoxy Flooring

We make different types of apoxy such as Crystal Flake, Solid, Metallic Pigments and Fluorescent, also custom designs.

Polish Concrete

We carry out special polishing from 200 to 800 grit to give a better quality and shine, we apply plaza plus and siler to give projects durability. We specialize in making concrete stain with quality products.

Hardwood Floor

We offer wood finished floors Restoration, new and sanded for poly.


We install, repair, replace or remodel Decks, we work on different types of material such as wood, plastic. also on special orders with Stain.


We work in installations and repairs of residential and commercial fences in different materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, as well as in different styles in privacy, picket, 3 rails, etc. We carry out Stain on fences.

Painting Stain

We offer a wide range of colors to give a better presentation to your home. We do interior and exterior painting, we offer you a job with a lot of quality experience and with a guarantee that you will be satisfied with our results.

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We provide personalized service, we adapt to your availability to schedule an appointment.

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