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Stain Fence

A before and after doing our work giving it a better presentation, replacing bad parts of the fence. ending with an excellent project. Commercial

Concrete polishing and Joints

Polishing of special concretes up to 1,200 applying a layer of disinfectant and a layer of siler. Commercial

Epoxy Metallic

We work with quality material, giving an excellent result with personalized projects. Leaving a very good presentation, bright and durable. Commercial

Painting Stain

We work interior and exterior painting giving a better bright and quality color to your home. Residential

Remove the VCT and Glue.

Elimination of VCT and Glue, cleaning of the area, preparation for Polishing and granulation up to 800 grain, applying three layers of sealant with excellent quality material. Commercial.

Custom Projects

We work on personalized projects with the materials of your choice. Residential

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